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Towards inclusive education for children with disabilities: a guideline

This manual contains guidelines for action to include children with disabilities in school systems and the EFA monitoring process The project which resulted in these recommendations was initiated by Ko-Chih Tung, UIS Regional Adviser for Asia-Pacific We highly commend his far-sightedness and determination in taking these steps to ensure that children from this most excluded and vulnerable group are included in schools and in the EFA


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Mathematics, Art, Educational Studies, English, ICT, Life Skills, Local Curriculum, Morality and Civics, Myanmar, Physical Education, Practicum, Reflective Practice and Essential Skills, Science, Social Studies, Media
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Unit 2. Problem Solving and Misconceptions
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2.3. Inclusive approach to teaching Mathematics
2.3.1. The challenges for Mathematics teachers in developing an inclusive classroom
Towards, inclusive, Education, children, disabilities:, guideline, Inclusive Education
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