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Education in a multilingual world: UNESCO education position paper

Education in many countries of the world takes place inmultilingual contexts. Most plurilingual societies havedeveloped an ethoswhich balances and respects the use ofdifferent languages in daily life. From the perspectiveof these societies and of the language communitiesthemselves, multilingualism is more a way of life than aproblem to be solved. The challenge is for educationsystems to adapt to these complex realities and provide aquality education which takes into consideration learners’needs, whilst balancing these at the same time with social,cultural and political demands. While uniform solutionsfor plural societies, may be both administratively andmanagerially simpler, they disregard the risks involvedboth in terms of learning achievement and loss oflinguistic and cultural diversity. In this part of the docu-ment we discuss some of the basic issues which surroundthe provision of education in diverse linguistic


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Local Curriculum, Art, Educational Studies, English, ICT, Life Skills, Mathematics, Morality and Civics, Myanmar, Physical Education, Practicum, Reflective Practice and Essential Skills, Science, Social Studies, Media
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Unit 1. Introduction to Local Curriculum
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1.2. Local Curriculum topics in basic education
1.2.1. Local Curriculum topics
Education, Multilingual, World, MTB-MLE
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