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Comparing Models of Non-state Ethnic Education in Myanmar: The Mon and Karen National Education Regimes

This article explores two models of non-state education provision in Myanmar (Burma), in order to draw conclusions regarding templates for ethnic education regimes in this fast-changing country. Ethnic Armed Groups in Myanmar have developed education systems in the context of long-running armed conflicts. This paper examines two such regimes. Karen communities struggle with few resources to educate their children. 

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Local Curriculum, Art, Educational Studies, English, ICT, Life Skills, Mathematics, Morality and Civics, Myanmar, Physical Education, Practicum, Reflective Practice and Essential Skills, Science, Social Studies, Media
Marie Lall, Ashley South
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Unit 2. Ethnic Language and Culture
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2.1. Introduction to learning ethnic language and culture
2.1.1. Learning ethnic language and culture
Comparing, Models, Non-state, Ethnic, Education, Myanmar:, Karen, National, MTB-MLE
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