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RISE's Teacher Competency Framework (TCF)

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RISE's Teacher Competency Framework (TCF)
Course Description

This course, RISE’s  Teacher Competency Framework (TCF), unpacks six essential competencies for Indigenous Peoples’ teachers to become a high performing and proficient teachers in their communities. The course covers the following modules:

Module 1.1 Knowing Your Students and Supporting Their Development
1.1.1 Overview of TCF Essential Competency 1 and CSE Areas of Focus
1.1.2 Know Your Students
1.1.3 Know How Your Students Learn
Module 1.2 Knowing How to Teach – Teaching and Learning Pedagogy
1.2.1 Overview of TCF Essential Competency 2 and CSE Areas of Focus
1.2.2 Using the Most Effective Teaching and Learning Strategies
Module 1.3 Knowing What to Teach – Subjects and Curriculum
1.3.1 Overview of TCF Essential Competency 3 and CSE Areas of Focus
1.3.2 Deepening and Broadening Knowledge About What You Teach 
1.3.3 Education Trends, Policies, and Curricula
Module 1.4 Professional Values and Dispositions of an Indigenous Peoples’ Teacher
1.4.1 Overview of TCF Essential Competency 4 and CSE Areas of Focus
1.4.2 Professionalism: Values, Roles, and Responsibilities 
Module 1.5 Building Partnerships with Parents and the Community
1.5.1 Overview of TCF Essential Competency 5 and CSE Areas of Focus
1.5.2 School-community Relations
Module 1.6 A Commitment to Professional Growth and Development
1.6.1 Overview of TCF Essential Competency 6
1.6.2 Continuous Professional Development

Course Objectives

This course prepares learners to understand and practice the principles, approaches, and strategies that underpin RISE’s TCF competencies and CSE areas of focus.

Learning Outcomes

During this course, learners will be able to:

  • Explore the purposes of Teacher Competency Frameworks (TCF) and Conflict Sensitive Education (CSE);
  • Identify six TCF Essential Competencies;
  • Identify CSE Areas of Focus for the first five TCF Essential Competencies;
  • Explore the importance of knowing your students;
  • Explain the ways in which children and middle school students learn best;
  • Investigate effective teaching methods, teaching and learning materials, and learning activities;
  • Investigate strategies to learn lesson content;
  • Explore education trends, policies, and curricula;
  • Explore values, roles, and responsibilities of an Indigenous people’s and Myanmar teachers;
  • Explore ways of forming partnerships with parents and caregivers and involving the community in education and schooling; and
  • Explore ways of engaging in continuous professional development through professional learning networks.

Assessment and Certification

In order to get the certification, you need to finish all the course work, quizzes and final assessment.

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