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Module (3) of Pre-service Teacher Education Programme: Year 3 Semester 2 E-Learning Course for Teacher Educators

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Module (3) of Pre-service Teacher Education Programme: Year 3 Semester 2 E-Learning Course for Teacher Educators
Course Description

Year 3 Semester 2 E-learning course is a comprehensive program consisting of the following five standalone modules:

  • Module 1: Educational Philosophies and their Implication to Education
  • Module 2: Assessment – Designing Tools and Analysing Achievement
  • Module 3: Inclusive Learning Environments
  • Module 4: Technology in Teaching and Learning
  • Module 5: Continuous Professional Development and Practice

In this course, you will explore Module 3, which covers the following interesting topics:

Module 3

  • Module 3.1. Creating an Inclusive Learning Environment
    • Inclusive education systems
    • Inclusive social and physical learning environments
    • Recognising cultural diversity
    • Promoting culturally diverse and peaceful environments
  • Module 3.2. Managing Student Behaviour, Safety and Well-being
    • Classroom management
    • Teaching discipline
    • Teaching social ethics
    • Teaching rights and responsibilities

Course Objectives

After completing this course, teacher educators will be better equipped with the competencies to effectively deliver the Pre-service Teacher Education Year 3 Semester 2 curriculum.

Learning Outcomes

By completing this course, teacher educators will be able to:
  • demonstrate their understanding of educational philosophies and educational theories that are important in delivering the EDC Year 3 Semester 2 subjects/learning areas of each specialization track;
  • apply their knowledge and skills on educational assessment in delivering the lessons to effectively support students’ learning in Lower Primary and Lower Middle schools; 
  • create an inclusive learning environment by promoting cultural diversity and effectively managing students’ behaviours while ensuring their safety and well-being in Lower Primary and Lower Middle school classrooms;
  • utilise educational technology to ensure creating an inclusive, innovative learning environment in the classroom;
  • engage in continuous professional development through collaborative and individual approaches by adhering the ethical codes of conducts and embracing the responsibilities and leadership qualities to become effective Myanmar Teacher; and
  • plan, prepare and deliver their Year 3 Semester 2 subject/learning area, applying various teaching strategies and assessment approaches to meet the needs of diverse learners in classrooms.

Assessment and Certification

In order to get the certification, you need to finish all the course work, quizzes and final assessment.

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